What I Do

I just graduated with my Ph.D. degree from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My primary research interest is transportation infrastructure asset management and maintenance. I minored in courses specifically focusing on Information System and System Analysis.

In the past decade and a half, I work on numerous studies and research projects, many of which in collaboration with Wisconsin Department of Transportation. You can read the details about them here. You can also look at the detailed list of my publications here.

As a graduate student, the most recent additional thing I was doing was assisting the Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation (LOCI) with the upgrade and development of LOCI website. Prior to that, I worked part-time as a Computer Tech Support at the R. M. Bock Laboratories at UW - Madison, the same position that I previously held at the Synchrotron Radiation Center for almost nine years.

Other Things That I Do

I am a fan of gadgets and new technology and always follow the latest trends in computing as much as I can.
I am also a fan of music, particularly jazz, and used to play multiple instruments, including Trombone and Alto Saxophone
I volunteer at SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, WI as a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council.


I am a newly graduated Ph.D. living with my family in Madison, Wisconsin. I have lived in Madison since August 1999 when I started my post-graduate education at University of Wisconsin - Madison.