My Research

My Research

As of August 2017 I no longer work as a researcher. This page shows the history of my research work.

Latest Research Projects

Analysis of Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance Efficiency Using Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis (Jan 2016 - Jun 2017)


As transportation state agencies transitioned to performance-based maintenance method, the expectation for establishing a well-informed maintenance investment strategy is increasing, with a heavy focus on performance-based maintenance management. Despite the fact that the efficiency of maintenance units is an important aspect in evaluating performance, most research efforts in performance-based resource management have not been taking into account efficiency concept and relating it to the performance of a maintenance unit.

The framework for efficiency measurement of road maintenance strategies using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) recognizes the importance of the efficiency of maintenance units. The framework focuses on the performance of maintenance units, and compares their technical efficiencies. Following the concept of production function, technical efficiency of a maintenance unit is defined as the process of converting all maintenance effort (input) into condition rating (output). In support of this framework, this research implements the Two-stage Data Envelopment Analysis (2DEA) technique to advance and improve the framework’s usability and reliability. The 2DEA method enhances the DEA framework by adding statistical basis, bringing legitimacy to the method, validating the usage of efficiency factors to be used as parameters in the models, and allowing the DEA models to be statistically tested.

With the existence of statistical basis in the 2DEA method, two different statistical tests were performed on the data. The first test evaluates the impact of efficiency factors in the models, allowing maintenance administrators to validate the significance of the efficiency factors used in the models. The second test is an efficiency comparison test, allowing maintenance administrators to check whether units from different groups can be compared based on their efficiency scores.

The result of this research contributes to the state of knowledge in transportation infrastructure maintenance, improving the DEA framework for infrastructure maintenance by adding a statistical basis, which helps develop a sound selection and evaluation process for efficiency factors used in the DEA models, increasing the legitimacy and usability of implementation of DEA method in performance-based resource allocation and maintenance management.

Past Research Projects

  1. Ph.D. disssertation - Analysis of Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance Efficiency Using Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis (Jan 2016 - Jun 2017)
  2. NEXTRANS - Use of Comparative Efficiency Analysis to Optimize Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance Strategy (Sep 2013 - Dec 2015)
  3. Wisconsin DOT - Compass 2012 (Jan 2013 - Aug 2013)
  4. Wisconsin DOT - Compass 2011 (Jan 2012 - Dec 2012)
  5. Wisconsin DOT - Compass 2010 (Jan 2011 - Dec 2011)
  6. Wisconsin DOT - Compass 2009 (Jan 2010 - Dec 2010)
  7. Wisconsin DOT - Compass 2008 (Oct 2008 - Dec 2009)
  8. Wisconsin DOT - Compass 2007 (Oct 2007 - Sep 2008)
  9. Estimating Cost per Mile for Routine Highway Maintenance and Operations (Jan 2007 - Sep 2007)
  10. Wisconsin DOT - Compass 2006 (Sep 2006 - Aug 2007)
  11. Wisconsin DOT - Compass 2005 (Sep 2005 - June 2006)
  12. Wisconsin DOT - Regression Tree Models to Predict Winter Storm Costs (Nov 2004 - Aug 2005)
  13. MRUTC - Maintenance Quality Assurance Peer Exchange (Mar - Oct 2004)
  14. Wisconsin DOT - Compass Winter 2003/2004 (May - Sep 2004)
  15. Wisconsin DOT - Compass 2003 (Dec 2003 - Mar 2004)
  16. Wisconsin DOT - Integrated Field and Office Tools for Bridge Inspections (Sept - Dec 2003)
  17. Minnesota DOT - Element Unit and Failure Costs and Functional Improvement Costs For Use in the Mn/DOT Pontis Bridge Management System (Jan 2001 - Aug 2003)
  18. Wisconsin DOT - Development of an Intrastate Inspection Selection System (ISS) for Motor Carrier Safety in Wisconsin (May - Dec 2000)


I live with my family in Madison, Wisconsin. I have called Madison home since 1999 when I started my post-graduate education at UW Madison.