My Work Experience

I work as a Winter Maintenance Engineer at Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

From May 2018 to December 2019 I worked as a freelance engineering consultant, providing various different services related to transportation infrastructure maintenance, such as:
• Technical assistance and training for infrastructure maintenance best practices, maintenance administration and management, condition assessment, bridge inspection and maintenance
• Exploratory analysis of pavement condition and transportation infrastructure maintenance data
• Development of rating system and field manual for highway inspection and guidance for processing pavement data

From 2001 to 2017 I worked as a Research Assistant at the National Center for Freight Infrastructure Research and Education (CFIRE) - formerly Midwest Regional University Transportation Center (MRUTC).

Here are the highlights of the work I've done in CFIRE/MRUTC:
  1. Utilized regression tree method to develop statistical models for estimating resource requirements of maintenance costs for winter storms, which helped DOTs manage their maintenance budgets and resource allocation on an impending storm.
  2. Implemented a plan to integrate computerized field and office tools for bridge inspections, involving selecting and testing tools that increased bridge inspection’s productivity to more than 100 bridges per year.
  3. Developed a Java-based program that calculated weighted average unit cost of bridge maintenance actions and converted bridge database from FoxBASE to Oracle-based for Pontis Bridge Management System.
  4. Defined, modified, and periodically implemented improvement on performance measures of transportation assets.
  5. Implemented stratified sampling method on highway features data collection, having the sampling procedure be based on the mileage of highways in each county, which improved the counties and regions representation in the sample data.
  6. Analyzed targets, trends, and variations of infrastructure performance measures at the regional and state level and developed periodical reports that provide a comprehensive overview of transportation infrastructure assets.
  7. Performed periodic quality assurance analyses to confirm measurement consistencies of infrastructure asset inspections.

I have also worked part time as a Computer Tech Support person in various departments at UW-Madison - from 2003 to 2017

Some of the work I've done in this capacity are as follows:
• General computing support and systems administration
• Trained and assisted faculty members, staff, and students on usage of new computing hardware and software
• Computer hardware/software/network setup/maintenance/troubleshooting on Windows and Mac systems
• Windows networking server administration, documentation, and inventories
• Windows and Unix-based webserver administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting
• Development and maintenance of Microsoft Access-based database applications
• Development and maintenance of websites with Drupal CMS


I live with my family in Madison, Wisconsin. I have called Madison home since 1999 when I started my post-graduate education at UW Madison.